Wednesday, March 28, 2012

9 Kanyakumari fishermen who were doubted as LTTE freed by the effort of Tamil political activists

Mumbai, March 26;

Kanyakumari fishermen, who were detained at Mumbai in doubt of being LTTE cadres, were freed after intervention of Mumbai Tamil political activists.

9 fishermen of PARALOKMATA, a fishing boat from Kanyakumari, TN were intercepted by Yellow Gate police on March 8. They were detained by police as they did not produce any documents immediately and were doubted whether they can be cadres of annihilated LTTE.

The fishermen are from Eraviputhan Thurai, tiny village of Tamil Nadu and their names are Titus (35), Vijin(20), Carlos(62), Manoj(19), Soosaiyar(20), Nazaria (45), Christopher(60) and Peter(42). As the fishermen don’t know Hindi they could not communicate with police and it helped police to raise their doubts.

Relatives of the fishermen from Tamil Nadu called Tamil political activists Raja M. Udaiyar, Mumbai BJP secretary and Perumal A. Thevan, General Secretary of India Jana Nayaka Katchi, a Tamil party and informed about the detention. They met the fishermen and helped in the police enquiry and other legal procedures.

Meanwhile the police were started a fresh enquiry to verify the identity of the fishermen on 15th March and sent a police team to Tamil Nadu. It was revealed and established in the enquiry that the fishermen came to Mumbai to repair their starter and sold the fish they have at New Ferry Warf.

The fisheries department filed a case against the fishermen as the 1989 Fisheries Act of Maharashtra bans other state fishermen to sell fish at Mumbai. This case was heard by Anil Sawant, the district deputy collector and magistrate on 22th March and fine Rs. 1 lakh under the section 16/2 of the act.

Bharat Boite, the Police Inspector of Yellow Gate Police station enquired this case under supervision of the Senior Police Inspector Bhandurang Anant Doke. The fishermen were freed on Monday night as it was established the fishermen are innocent and paid the fine.

நன்றி - மும்பை தினகரன்

நன்றி - மும்பை தினத்தந்தி

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